Probation Nation

There are only two religions in the world.

What do the following groups have in common? Mormonism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Atheism, humanism, communism, satanism; or the Jehova witness, seventh-day adventists, Professing Christianity (vast majority) and more have in common? They all belong to the root religion of HUMAN Achievement. They have the same broad pathway to heaven.

What is the religion of Human Achievement?

Human Achievement is the largest religion in the world. This religion emphasizes that man MUST do something to get saved. Human Achievement peaches the false gospel of PROBATION. Probation means that a person will get their freedom if and only if they survive a period of good behavior (under supervision). This means God, the pastor, and or the congregation become your probation officer. And you walk on eggshells for the rest of your life. This is not freedom nor is it good news.

Prisoners would rather be on probation than locked up. But they know that one violation could mean they go back to lock up. There is a constant reminder that you are not free. They don’t know for sure if they will make it to freedom. This is what most people that go to church today think. When you ask them if they are 100% sure that they would go to heaven if they died, they say I hope so. Does this sound like your church? Does your church teach or imply that a person is not saved because they haven’t turned from enough sins? If so you need to flee to a church that teaches the bible which gives Salvation instead of probation.

What is the other religion?

Divine Accomplishment

John 19:28  After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst.

Divine Accomplishment means Jesus paid it all. It emphasizes DONE vs DO.

The Gospel of Divine Accomplishment

Divine Accomplishment says that you can do nothing but put your faith and trust in what was DONE for you. This religion preaches the gospel of SALVATION, not PROBATION. Salvation teaches that the sin debt has already been paid. This means you can do nothing except take the free gift.

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