Dog Pound Chronicles (Vancouver Edition)

KJV Conference Sure Foundation Baptist Church

Memorial Day Weekend 2023 Pastor Thompson put on a KJV conference which was a blessing in many ways. (Might need to double-click or rotate the photo on mobile)

Sodomite dogs of Portland had other plans

Sunday morning of the conference protestors showed up on the sidewalk to display their filth to children and the community. The dog pound of Boise had told me prior that this was their doing, however, that wasn’t the case. None of the protestors knew my name or who I was (I asked). The reason the protest happened in the first place might have been partially due to a tip from the Boise pound, but the dogs of Portland would have found out about this power house gathering either way. There were also other men in the attendance that have had sermons go mega viral. The Boise dogs are trying to claim credit for this but it’s just not working. This protest was mega WEAK and they did’nt even have anyone capable of yelling; oh and no reprobat lol.

Dog’s of Boise

On Wednesday I looked out the window and saw a small group contained to the sidewalk. They wanted to try and claim credit for the protest but we all know better. So I didn’t even bother to acknowledge them. The dogs are getting tired of protesting us and they have been leaking through their chalk. I have learned from experience that once attendance numbers start to get mentioned, it’s soon over. They start finding reasons like its a small church”More kids than adults” to quit. Which is good because our church is growing and we have people moving here this year. The trash took itself out early this year and God is blessing us!