Dog Pound Chronicles (2/26/2023)

Pastor Jonathan Shelly

The weekend of February 25-26th we had Pastor Jonathan Shelly from Steadfast Baptist Church in town. He preached 2 great sermons for our church and we had a great weekend out Soul winning and fellowship. We knew YouTube wouldn’t be able to handle Sunday PM’s sermon but we were shocked to see Rumble take it down. Don’t worry our Odysee channel has it up still.

Soul Wining Saturday & Sunday

We all had a good time out soul winning in Nampa on Saturday and locally on Sunday and got a few Salvations. We had a brother from Pure Words Baptist Church and myself get a young couple saved and they came to church only to get offended and leave. The good thing about this was later on they thanked Brother James from Pure Words for getting them saved. Of course we would like to have discipled them but this story proves the fact that many people do get saved and joining the church is not confirmation that they got saved. A story like this should encourage soul winners in their efforts and be a testimony to the “where are they all” Crowd. Remember that Jesus also had disciples walk away after hearing hard truths. Going to church after salvation doesn’t prove anything.

The Dog Pound (2-26-2023)

I got to church early as usual and of course the the smell of kibbles and bits on the grass burm located on the south side parking lot had already begun to attract the dogs. I was met with the usual barks of insults which I laughed at. As people began to arrive, the protesters anxiously began to ask every male if they were Jonathan Shelly. Remember, dogs recognize best with smells (Joe Biden) but because we keep them kenneled, they were struggling. Finally around 10 am they got their chance to see him. The Rep-robat went into full flight only to be restrained by the electric fence (property line). Pastor shelly let them know that everything is bigger in Texas and that they are weak. Shortly after this they left for the day.

Harassing the Land Lord

Apparently the Idaho dogs understood their defeat and reached out to Texas protestors for help to remove our church. The advice was to call the Land Lord and get the neighbors around us riled up. This almost worked but In the end the Land Lord is allowing us to stay because we have not done anything to violate the lease; nor have we broken any laws. Therefore we will be happily planning and preparing to launch Anti Pride month which is a brand new aggressive community education campaign in June.